Important notes for the eos-5.2.0 release

The EOS 5.2.0 release will contain a series of changes that have long been advertised, therefore please make sure to carefully review the following points before deciding to update.

  1. We no longer support CentOS Stream. Server and client packages are available for CentOS7(el-7), Alma8(el-8), Alma9(el-9), and opportunistically some Fedora releases.
  2. There’s a strong dependency on XRootD 5.6.2 / eos-xrootd 5.6.2, providing critical client fixes and ZTN support over XRoot protocol.
  3. EOS now requires eos-grpc-1.56.1, replacing eos-grpc-1.41.0. Version <= 5.1.26 should lock to eos-grpc-1.41.0.
  4. eos-grpc-1.56.1 includes grpc, protobuf, and abseil, making eos-protobuf obsolete.
  5. Support for libmicrohttpd is deprecated and will be removed; XrdHttp is the alternative.
  6. libmicrohttpd is no longer started by default, but you can enable it using env variables.
  7. eos-nginx service is deprecated, with no new updates or releases.
  8. Migrate FMD from LevelDB to extended attributes before upgrading to eos-5.2.0; conversion is NOT possible in 5.2.0.
  9. LevelDB dependency and internal SQLite implementation have been dropped.
  10. The eos find command has been redesigned for better performance and memory usage, equivalent to the old eos newfind.

Feel free to ask questions or share concerns in the comments.

on behalf of the EOS team

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We’re very much looking forward to this release, some of you users are eagerly awaiting some of the fixes. Do you have a rough timeline for the release?
Best, Erich

Hi Erich,

Glad to hear you are willing to test it! There are still some things to address for the latest release since it contains many new things so bear with me. Rather than having something quickly out the door, we’re testing things out to make sure you won’t need a new release (immediately) after upgrading to this one. :wink: Though this will pretty likely be the case …


ETA … in the next days! :slight_smile:

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