EOS Communication Workflows

Dear all,

Following the EOS workshop feedback, we plan to improve and clarify the EOS communication workflows:

  • eos-community website: will be focused for exchanging ideas bringing together all collaborators, developers and administrators inside and outside CERN, everybody can join!. You will find different categories to classify your questions, ideas and comments.

  • eos-support email: will be focused for opening tickets regarding incidents, bugs or requests (no discussions anymore :slight_smile: for that we have already the eos-community). Then everybody inside and outside CERN that send an email to this list will create automatically a Service Now ticket that will be evaluated for eos people in rota/support. The eos people in rota will create Jira ticket for you and give you the support and fast response that you need.

For more, see our EOS webpage.

I hope this helps our EOS communication process.