Xrdfs spaceinfo does not work with full EOS path


Can you please help me understand why “xrdfs spaceinfo” reports numbers when the path is a single “/”

[root@antares-eos01 ~]# xrdfs antares.stfc.ac.uk:1094 spaceinfo /
Path: /
Total: 172749993541632
Free: 142871550230528
Used: 29878443311104
Largest free chunk: 68719476736

but reports zero sizes when the path is a full path, i.e

[root@antares-eos01 ~]# xrdfs antares.stfc.ac.uk:1094 spaceinfo /eos/antares/prod/alice/tape/
Path: /eos/antares/prod/alice/tape/
Total: 0
Free: 0
Used: 0
Largest free chunk: 68719476736




Can you please help me with this issue? ALICE tape storage accouting relies on it.


This does not work, because you path is too deep.
Until level 4 we report the physical space, otherwise we display the quota. And probably you don’t have quota.

I can push a fix, that you can configure this via an environment variable.

commit 683185f26d70d2b0f257f61f882571dc2757bafb
Author: Andreas Joachim Peters andreas.joachim.peters@cern.ch
Date: Fri Oct 21 11:16:02 2022 +0200

MGM: allow to force to show only physical space via 'spaceinfo'/statvfs using EOS_MGM_STATVFS_ONLY_SPACE=1

Thanks for this Andreas.

How can we make use of this fix? Is it going to be included in a citrine release?
We are currently running 4.8.78-1 and planning to 4.8.88 or whatever the latest
CTA requires.


Just talked to Julien, we will make an EOS tag, then he will do a public CTA release, which you can use.