Use of TPC scirpt in FST config


We are trying to use a very simple TPC script - mainly for debuggig purposes - in the FST config,

ofs.tpc autorm ttl 80 90 xfr 150 pgm /etc/xrootd/

The script has daemon:daemon ownership and 755 permissions. As far as we see, eos@fst is bypassing the script and pressumably falls back to using /usr/bin/xrdcp in the above directive.

Can you please confirm that EOS respects the use of a TPC script?

Many thanks,


Hi George,

That is indeed true, EOS does not use the default XRootD OFS layer, it has it’s own and also the TPC implementation is done inside the EOS specific OFS layer therefore the usual ofs.tpc directive is not actually used per se but still needs to appear in the config to properly advertise TPC support.

The EOS TPC implementation is very straight forward as it just tries to copy the file from the remote location. If you need extra logs about this process you can put the FST in debug mode and check in the logs for the progress.


Hi Elvin,

Thanks for clarifying this. How can I put the FST in debug mode?