Understanding geotagging


Having read:

I have a question:

Affecting a geotag to a client: Is it done exclusively done by vid mapping rules on the managers ? If yes, I suppose that both xrdcp and fuse client will be mapped this way ? Same for eos client ?
I know how to check what geotag have been assigned with the eos client (whoami) but how can one see the geotag if using fuse or xrdcp ?

Thank you


Hi Jean Michel,

Yes, the clients can be geo-tagged based on their IP using the following command:

 vid set geotag <IP-prefix> <geotag>  : add to all IP's matching the prefix <prefix> the geo location tag <geotag>
                                              N.B. specify the default assumption via 'vid set geotag default <default-tag>'
       vid rm <key>                         : remove configured vid with name key - hint: use config dump to see the key names of vid rules

This will tag any client - xrdcp, fuse, fusex, eos etc. since they all use underneath the XRootD client. If you do eos whoami from the machine that will later on use fuse or xrdcp access then the geotag will be the same. It’s all based on IP.