Unable to add new fsids to group (or move)

I have a T2 instance for ALICE. I’m trying to replace a previously drained and rm’d fsid (as well as add ~90 more) to a group. For this instance, we are strictly single-copy, no rain, etc.

My space/group (default/default.0) has a groupsize and groupmod of 0. When attempting to add the fsid(s) or move them into default.0, I get the error:
error: reached maximum number of file systems for group default.0

no matter how I fiddle with groupsize or groupmod, the same case applies. Is there a fundamental limit to a group size or something I’m missing? Am I missing something completely about group scheduling such that I should never be using a single group for all fsids in a single-copy instance?

Hi John,

How did you add the previous file systems in your defaut.0 group? In your case, since you run in single replica mode, indeed there is no advantage in defining and using more groups.
I assume you were using the force flag for the file system move operation in the past?! Probably, that’s the only thing you are missing.


Yep, that was it! Thanks Elvin.