Ttl in ofs.tpc is not repected in EOS 4?


In the recent EOS workskhop, Elvin mentioned that the setting of the ttl value in the
ofs.tpc directive in /etc/ is not repected by EOS (or is it the MGM). Can you
please confirm that this is indeed the case and what are the possible workarounds?

I have been trying to modify the ofs.tpc (including the increase of ttl) in /etc/ with EOS 4.8.88 (upgraded last week to 4.8.98) but without a result and this bug could explain why.



Hi George,

It’s true that EOS does not use any of the parameters specified in the ofs.tpc directive since the TPC mechanism is different from the vanilla XRootD one. By default the ttl value in EOS 4 is 120 seconds.

Starting with EOS 5.1.5 this can be controlled by increasing the EOS_FST_TPC_KEY_MIN_VALIDITY_SEC which is still 120 seconds by default. The ttl value can also be controlled by the client but in EOS 4 this is not taken into account in EOS therefore the value is 120 seconds not matter what the client requests.

Nevertheless, having to wait for 120 seconds (or more) for the client to come with the key is quite a long time and might point to some other more systemic issues with the other endpoint that requires so much time for such a simple action.

The ability to control this ttl value was added in the following commit [1] and you can find further details in the commit message.



Hi Elvin,

Thanks for clarifying this Elvin.

120 seconds is larger than the [min,max] of [80,90] I attempted to set on the FST config and the client error “The following command has timed out and was killed after 300s:” does indeed point to another kind of cause which we will try to identify with the help of a simple TPC script.