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Slave follower ignores attribute changes


Is it possible that there is a problem with folder’s attribute replication to the slave ?

We observe that changing attribute on some folder does not enforce on the slave (test with eos attr ls command). It seems also the same when changing owner. Restarting slave MGM does not fix it. Only compaction makes it appear correctly.

We observed it on 4.2.20, and confirmed on 4.2.21*

*Tried to upgrade slave to further version, but got such error preventing it from booting with 4.2.22, no time to investigate for now :

Plugin /opt/eos-folly/lib/ symbol SSL_CTX_set_alpn_select_cb, version not defined in file with link time reference fslib

Hi Franck,

It seems like with EOS >= 4.2.22 the devs have added a new dependency on the folly library.
It’s the Facebook Opensource library (

You should be able to pick it up from the citrine-depends repo (

Hope it helps to run newer versions :slight_smile:

It turned out that the issue was linked to a probably incorrect dependency between eos-folly and openssl package. The later was version 1.0.1e. Upgrading it to latest (1.0.2k), the mgm did boot with newer eos versions that include folly library. So maybe eos-folly would need to have dependency over openssl-libs > 1.0.2 ?