Should hostnames be able to be resolved globally using DNS?

Hello, I am building a new grid site for ALICE and now tackling with EOS installation.

The question is whether I have to make all MGM, MQ and FST nodes be discoverable from the rest of the world or only my machines must know each other.
My guess from the Introduction is that MGM nodes must be public and discoverable with DNS but the rest is allowed to be located in an internal network without communicating with any machine but MGM. Is it correct?

I am sorry if I had missed something documented in the manuals or discussed on this forum.

Hi @maogino

I believe that MQ does not need to be public but FSTs should be capable to communicate with outside because MGM only redirects the requests from clients to FSTs in which then the clients and FSTs are interacting directly, i.e. read or write files.

In our site, like XRootD servers, FSTs have public DNS records.

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Thank you for your prompt answer, @sahn!
I will ask the admin of my institute’s DNS content server for adding records pointing to the FST nodes.