Server OS


I’m planning to use some of our current servers in a new EOS test environment.
Anyone using big brands (HP, DELL, IBM, etc) on EOS Servers?
Since EOS supports Server and client packages for CentOS7, Alma8 and Alma9 only and those brands doesn´t support these OS’s, we are forced to look for other options… or this is the idea?


Hi Wander,
IBM should allow for RHEL8/9, shouldn’t it? KISTI runs EOS on DELL server.
Maybe I didn’t get 100% your question … Cheers Andreas.

Hello Andreas,

Yeah, sorry, I forgot that CentOS is the free version of RHEL and my servers supports it.
Thanks for point the KISTI.
I found the paper: “A Disk-based Archival Storage System Using the EOS Erasure Coding Implementation for the ALICE Experiment at the CERN LHC” and it contains a lot of details.