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Recycle ls broken in version 4.3.x?


Could it be that eos recycle ls command does not work correctly since recently ?
With MGM v4.3.8, the command returns empty output despite the fact that there are some files in the bin. I noticed that the organisation in /eos/instance/proc/recycle changed (with uid:1234/year/month/day subfolders instead of 1234(gid)/5678(uid)/, maybe since v4.3.x ?). Could it be that this change is not taken into account by eos recycle ls to extract the list of files ?

By the way, what would be the behaviour when we upgrade MGM to v 4.3.x if there is a mixed content in the recycle bin ?

Just to add a precision : output is empty when ran as root. When ran as a user who has files in the bin, the output is ok.
But on this instance I have only files with new bin structure. Still wondering what would happen to recycle ls output with mixed content, is that foreseen ?

Hi Franck,
the behaviour of the recycle bin change in a way that by default recycls ls as root does not show anymore all files of all users, but only root. There is a ‘global’ option to have the previous behaviour (I think -g). The structure of the recycycle bin has changed but it manages still the old and new format together. Cheers Andreas.

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your answer.
I didn’t notice this new -g parameter, that makes sense, it is a nice improvement. I also see that the users can now query the recycle bin based on date !