Recycle bin full, behvior of eosx client


We recently had the issue of the recycle bin of our instance that was full. So deletions that required to go in the recycle bin were not possible with message “No space left on device”. Which was of course natural.

But we realized that this was the case only on the old eosd client, but deletions with eosx client were still possible, and were going into the recycle bin, going over the quota.

This last part was in fact better for us, as it allowed some deletion to actually occur until we increased the recycle bin quota.

But we are wondering why this different behavior, is it wanted so that deletions are not refused (but in this case, is the recycle bin quota really used?), or is there a bug in the eosx recycle bin implementation ?

The reason is, that deletions are by default asynchronous from eosxd for performance reasons. So they have always to work!

OK, thank you, to it is a feature, not a bug :wink: indeed, it was very good for us that some clients could still delete.

But at this point, is the recycle bin quota really used when only fusex clients are running, or does it become just an indication ?