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QuarkDB 0.4.1 has been released

Dear all,

QuarkDB 0.4.1 has been released - notable changes:

  1. Bug fixes

    • Fixed ability to subscribe to multiple channels with one command, when push types are active. Previously, the server would erroneously send one “OK” response per channel subscribed, breaking QClient.
  2. New features

    • Possibility to choose between three different journal fsync policies through RAFT-SET-FSYNC-POLICY command.
    • Implementation of “CLIENT GETNAME”, and automatic tagging of intercluster connections.
  3. Improvements

    • Automatic fsync of the raft journal once per second.
    • Better cluster resilience in case of sudden machine powercuts.

Full release notes can be found here, packages here, and documentation on the optimal way to upgrade here.

Thanks to @franck-jrc for the bug reports relating to sudden poweroff, and valuable discussion on fsync behavior.

Risk of upgrade: Low.