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QuarkDB 0.4.0 has been released

Dear all,

QuarkDB 0.4.0 has been released. Please note all versions prior to this one are affected by a serious bug which can repeatedly bring down your EOS instance when a user creates a file or directory whose name ends with the pipe symbol (|) . Upgrading promptly is highly recommended!

  1. Bug fixes

    • Locality hints ending with a pipe symbol (|) could subsequently trigger an assertion and crash when encountered during LHSCAN, due to faulty key parsing code. The pipe symbol (|) has special meaning inside internal QuarkDB keys, and is used to escape field separators (#).
  2. New features

    • Addition of quarkdb-server binary to allow running QDB without XRootD.
  3. Improvements

    • Improvements to replication behaviour when one of the followers is very far behind the leader. Previously, an excessive number of entries were kept in the request pipeline, which wasted memory and could potentially trigger OOM.
    • Switch to CLI11 for command line argument parsing.
    • Upgrade rocksdb dependency to v6.2.4.

Full release notes can be found here, packages here, and documentation on the optimal way to upgrade here.

Risk of upgrade: Low.