Proper value of EOS_FED_MANAGER for ALICE

Hi all,

I have issue with fed manager (please see logs below). It seems is not resolved. What is the proper value of EOS_FED_MANAGER for ALICE?


200428 15:28:24 4005 cms_Config: Unable to add host ; Name or service not known
=====> all.manager
=====> all.adminpath /var/spool/xrootd
200428 15:28:24 4005 ofs_Config: Unable to create cluster management client.
------ File system server initialization failed.
200428 15:28:24 4005 XrootdConfig: Unable to load file system.
------ xrootd protocol initialization failed.
200428 15:28:24 4005 XrdProtocol: Protocol xrootd could not be loaded
------ xrootd initialization failed.

Hi! We do not use a federation manager, so you should leave the value empty and not start the fed service.

thank you for the answer.