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Problem with eos cp

HI all,

can’t seem to copy a file with eos cp. I get the following error:

[root@test03 ~]# eos cp postinstall.log /eos/users/test/postinstall.log
error: target file open failed - errno=5 : Input/output error
error: failed copying path=root://localhost//eos/users/test/postinstall.log

and checking the logs:

210915 13:46:49 time=1631706409.434674 func=SendProtoWFRequest       level=ERROR logid=static.............................. tid=00007f9f166dd700 sourc
e=WFE:2466                       tident= sec=(null) uid=99 gid=99 name=- geo="" protoWFEndPoint="" protoWFResource="/ctafrontend" fullPath="/eos/users/test/pos
tinstall.log" event="sync::create" msg="Could not send SSI protocol buffer request to outside service." reason="[FATAL] Auth failed"
210915 13:46:49 time=1631706409.434708 func=open                     level=INFO  logid=9c9ff064-161a-11ec-b2fa-000af7e08db8 tid=00007f9f166dd700 sourc
e=XrdMgmOfsFile:2916             tident=root.5751:116@localhost sec=sss   uid=0 gid=0 name=daemon geo="::test" msg="workflow trigger returned" retc=107 errno=115
210915 13:46:49 time=1631706409.434744 func=Emsg                     level=ERROR logid=9c9ff064-161a-11ec-b2fa-000af7e08db8 tid=00007f9f166dd700 sourc
e=XrdMgmOfsFile:3294             tident=root.5751:116@localhost sec=sss   uid=0 gid=0 name=daemon geo="::test" Unable to [FATAL] Auth failed /eos/users/test/postinstall.log; Tran
sport endpoint is not connected

Seems to be an auth issue but not sure where/what I’m overlooking.


You should not uncomment these lines in /etc/ unless you run CTA (EOS with tape backend)

The SSI protocol buffer endpoint for notification messages from “proto” workflow actions

#mgmofs.protowfendpoint HOSTNAME.2NDLEVEL.TOPLEVEL:10955
#mgmofs.protowfresource /SSI_RESOURCE

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