Possibility of FST unification


Are there any thoughts about perhaps making FSTs fungible and redundant in the future, so that they can all share filesystems and handle requests interchangeably?
For EOS on CephFS, this seems like something of a holy grail for load balancing and resiliency.
It would also allow a model that is easier to fit with kubernetes (a service + deployment for FSTs would be natural, which would make scaling up FSTs much simpler, and applying FST updates could be outage-free), as opposed to having unique members of a statefulset and manually enumerating special services, one for each member of the statefulset. I understand this might be a significant architectural change.

Somewhat related discussion: use of X509 authn (server hostcert and key) and ingress (#75) · Issues · eos / eos-charts · GitLab

As I understand currently filesystems can be manually transferred from one FST to another with a command, to handle loss of an FST.