Latest stable versions

Hi all,

We’re currently running FSTs on 4.4.44, MQ/MGM on 4.4.39 and QuarkDB on 0.3.8, using XRootD 4.8.4 in a test environment - I’d just like to check in on recommended/stable versions to upgrade to if possible.

Particularly with XRootD, I remembered reading that anything 4.9.x was unsafe to upgrade to - is this still the case?


Hi Crystal,

For the XRootD package 4.9.1 should be good.

For the EOS version you need to keep in mind the following dependency:
4.4.x EOS needs XRootD 4.8.y
4.5.z EOS needs XRootD >= 4.9.1

For QuarkDB 0.3.8 is perfect as it has all the latest optimisations.

We are starting to roll out EOS 4.5.2 in our production environment, we just have two of our internal instances moved to this versions but in principle the rest should also move soon. As I said in an earlier post we run our production instances with EOS versions >= 4.4.34.


Thanks for that update and the clarification on XRootD! :smile: I think we may stick to 4.4.x when we deploy this system to production for now since 4.5 still seems pretty new, but I’ve looked over the changelog and there’s some pretty interesting stuff there (optional grpc service in mgm?! :open_mouth:) and I’m keen to run it up in a test environment to play around with!

One question about a potential upgrade to v4.5.x : are there some recommendations about the inter compatibility with 4.4.x ? I.e. between clients and MGM, between MGM and FSTs, between clients and FSTs ?
Or, could we treat this as a normal upgrade, and think of an upgrade of the MGM first to take advantage of the new features and fixes, and upgrade the FSTs in a second moment ?

And would it be ok to start using 4.5.x clients with 4.4.x mgm ?