Is it possible to install EOS onto AlmaLinux 9?

Currently have a server running on AlmaLinux 9.1. Need to install EOS to build the Athena project, is it possible?

I have a number of FSTs running on Alma9 without problems

Im currently having trouble installing the eos client and server.

Hey Yusuf, it seems you’re relying on the repos for eos 4, and therefore you won’t find the builds you’re looking for… Can you try out:

But this would mean you’d likely face an upgrade. I see on your logs that those are client packages so it shouldn’t be any problem…


When i use the install commands it shows this.

you are still having repo enabled that shouldn’t, could you please disable or remove the repo that point to Index of /storage-ci/eos/citrine/tag/el-9/x86_64?

Im still getting the error.

Can enable the repos where this dependencies come from:

dnf install -y dnf-plugins-core epel-release
dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb

When installing im geting the error that some packages arent signed.

dnf install --nogpgcheck ?