How to get rid of ghost entries

Having drained a filesystem and wiped it on the FST side, in the namespace there are some “ghost entries”:

> [root@naneosmgr01(EOSMASTER) ~]#eos fs dumpmd 27 --path
> # warning: ghost entry fxid=06bb2f8f
> # warning: ghost entry fxid=06bb4ee9
> # warning: ghost entry fxid=06af4cd0
> # warning: ghost entry fxid=06bbc0b2
> # error: filesystem contains problematic entries

Could someone indicate how to deal (suppress) those entries in the namespace ?
I also observe unsuccessful attempts to delete files (corresponding to ghost entries ?) in the FST log:

200929 08:34:44 time=1601361284.501917 func=_rem                     level=INFO  logid=a5ecac7c-0219-11eb-8e78-a0369fa3968c tid=00007f3b2b7fe700 source=XrdFstOfs:1424                 tident=<service> sec=      uid=0 gid=0 name= geo="" fstpath=/data4/00000b22/01b30216
200929 08:34:44 22730 FstOfs_stat: ? Unable to locate /data4/00000b22/01b30216; no such file or directory
200929 08:34:44 22730 FstOfs_remove: ? Unable to remove /data4/00000b22/01b30216; no such file or directory

Thank you

Hi JM,

You can use the following command to drop these ghost entries. These are file ids which are still in the FileSystemView but the corresponding file metadata object does not exist any more.

eos fs dropghosts <fsid> [--fxid fid1 [fid2] ...]
    drop file ids (hex) without a corresponding metadata object in
    the namespace that are still accounted in the file system view.
    If no fxid is provided then all fids on the file system are checked.


Thank you Elvin,
it works.