How to enable debug on the MGM without logging every client request

Hello everyone,

I’d like to enable debug on the MGM without logging every single client interaction. We upgraded to Citrine over the weekend, and we’ve found two issues that we’d like to dive into deeper, however the Clients.log grows far too quickly on a production environment.

Is there a way to enable debug on everything while excluding the client requests?

Hi David,

You might know that the debug command has a filter option which allows to remove some messages based onthe function name, it works both for xrdlog.mgm and Clients.log files.
I noticed that using eos debug debug -filter open,IdMap,getPhyisicalID is the minimum to use to get a readable log file, but we can use this for only few seconds on our citrine production environment, otherwise it grows too much.
So you can add other ones by seeing which you don’t want to appear, based on the function names (after :: sign in Clients.log) you see appearing too many times.