How install EOS 5.2.0 on multiple nodes

dear all. We read the EOS official document about 4.3. Getting Started — EOS DIOPSIDE documentation. Here want to deploy EOSV5.2.0. Currently, we have 10 VMs in ESXI. Here deployment architecture ,MGM&MQ&QBD services are deployed on three management nodes, MGM&QDB form a cluster .only FST services are deployed on other storage nodes.
There’s a lot of doubt here .
First when execute command “eosfstregister -r localhost /data/fst/ default:6” on the FST node, the error MGM root://localhost not online/reachable is reported . Is this deployment architecture correct? Second how to establish communication between the FST and the management node? where is the configuration file, and how to modify it?
In addition, the commands on the official document which are executed on the management node nor on the real FST node.

Hi Markliulei,
when the FSTs are not on the VM with the active MGM node, you have to call the eosfstregister command not with ‘-r localhost’ but like

eosfstregister eosmgm.domain /data/fst/ default:6

But before you can do this, you have to allow the FSTs talking to the MGM, on only one of the MGM nodes you should run:

eos daemon sss recreate

This creates /etc/eos.keytab on that node and this file has to be copied to all other nodes and has to be identical to allow them to talk to eachother.

After that you can call the eosfstregister command pointing to the active MGM. It is much easier, if you start with only one MGM/QDB/MQ node and connect several FSTs. Once this is working you can join two more MGM/QDB/MQ nodes.

Cheers Andreas.

I’m confused about these two methods in document:
Trying to install EOS5.2.0,following are steps,also the firewalld had been disabled

  1. #yum repository setup on all nodes
    2.eos daemon sss recreate #copy 2 files to other nodes
    3.#in management node execute
    systemctl start eos5-mq@mq
    systemctl start eos5-qdb@qdb
    systemctl start eos5-mgm@mgm
    #in fst node execute ,and check the stauts after service started
    systemctl start eos5-fst@fst
    4.# do on management node
    eos space define default
    5.#do on fst nodes
    for name in 01 02 03 04 05 06; do
    mkdir -p /data/fst/$name;
    chown daemon:daemon /data/fst/$name
    6.#do on fst nodes
    eosfstregister mgm.domain /data/fst/ default:6

The following steps are not written.In the step 4 display
[root@node1 ~]# eos space define default
error: errc=3010 msg="[ERROR] Error response: permission denied

If there are detailed steps to implement, hope give me details ,best wish .