Folder sizes not updated when moving folders with eosxd


We have our eos instance installed which uses the very handy EOS_NS_ACCOUNTING option allowing to see the overall size of a folder.

However, we have the case where moving a folder over a fusex (eosxd) mount, this value isn’t updated. It works well when moving with either old fuse (eosd) mount or a eos mv command.

We have the case both with MGM 4.5.15 and 4.8.11, and clients 4.5.x and 4.8.x.

Is that a known issue ? Is there something we can do ?

There is the eos recompute_tree_size command that seems to temporarily fix this (if we take care to add the --depth parameter with a small value, otherwise it takes much time and blocks the MGM), but it can only fix that temporarily.

Hi Franck,
I will check that and probably open a JIRA ticket for it.

Thanks Andreas.

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Hi Franck,

is now fixed in 4.8.31.