Error ec=5 while online namespace compactification

Hi all,

I have issue with online compacting. It creates temporary files (*.oc) but it does not finish the process. I get an error ec=5 in logs (please see logs below). Could you please give tips how to fix an online compactification? Offline scripts (eos-log-compact eos-log-repair) work as desired.

EOS 4.4.23 (CERN)


200824 13:44:08 time=1598269448.729286 func=Compacting level=CRIT logid=fb1f323a-e5ec-11ea-b59c-0a0102010122 tid=00007fcf587d7700 source=Master:832 tident= sec= uid=0 gid=0 name= geo="" online-compacting returned ec=5 error: Changelog file has corruption - autorepair is disabled
200824 13:44:09 time=1598269449.735813 func=Compacting level=CRIT logid=fb1f323a-e5ec-11ea-b59c-0a0102010122 tid=00007fcf587d7700 source=Master:872 tident= sec= uid=0 gid=0 name= geo="" failed online compactification
200824 13:51:03 time=1598269863.071648 func=GetLog level=ERROR logid=fb1f323a-e5ec-11ea-b59c-0a0102010122 tid=00007fcf423fd700 source=Master:2397 tident= sec= uid=0 gid=0 name= geo="" error: corruption in file changelog at offset cff5ba80

Hi Karol,

The only way around this is to stop the instance and run the offline compaction/repair procedure. Then start the instance based on the newly compacted changelogs.