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EOS v4.2.23

You can get EOS 4.2.23 release from the following location:



The changelog for this release:

v4.2.23 Citrine



  • [EOS-2314] - Central draining traffic is not tagged properly
  • [EOS-2318] - Slave namespace failed to boot (received signal 11)
  • [EOS-2465] - adding quota node on the master kills the slave (which then bootloops trying to apply the same quota)
  • [EOS-2537] - Balancer sheduler broken
  • [EOS-2544] - Setting recycle bin size changes inode quota to default.
  • [EOS-2564] - CITRINE MGM does not retrieve anymore error messages from FSTs in error.log
  • [EOS-2574] - enabling accounting on the slave results in segfault shortly after NS booted
  • [EOS-2575] - used space on /eos//proc/conversion is ever increasing
  • [EOS-2579] - Half of the Scheduling groups are selected for new file placement
  • [EOS-2580] - ‘find -ctime’ actually reads and compares against ‘mtime’
  • [EOS-2582] - Access command inconsistencies
  • [EOS-2585] - EOSFUSE inline-repair not working
  • [EOS-2586] - The client GEOTAG is not taken into account when performing file placement

New Feature

  • [EOS-2566] - Enable switch to propagate uid only via fuse


  • [EOS-2119] - Implement support in central drain for RAIN layouts + reconstruction
  • [EOS-2587] - Fix documentation for docker deployment


  • [EOS-2462] - improve eos ns output
  • [EOS-2571] - Change implementation of atomic uploads`
  • [EOS-2588] - Change default file placement behaviour in case of clients with GEOTAG

If you would like to get a more detailed list of changes please do:
git log 4.2.22…4.2.23