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EOS v4.2.22

You can get EOS 4.2.22 release from the following location:



The changelog for this release:

v4.2.22 Citrine



  • [EOS-2486] - eosxd stuck, last message “recover reopened file successfully”
  • [EOS-2512] - FST crash around eos::fst::XrdFstOfsFile::open (soon after start, “temporary fix”?)
  • [EOS-2516] - “eosd” aborts with std::system_error “Invalid argument” on shutdown (SIGTERM)
  • [EOS-2519] - Segmentation fault when receiving empty opaque info
  • [EOS-2529] - eosxd: make renice =setpriority() optional, req for unprivileged containers
  • [EOS-2541] - (eosbackup halt): wrong timeout and fallback in FmdDbMapHandler::ExecuteDumpmd
  • [EOS-2543] - Unable to read 0-size file created with eos touch

New Feature

  • [EOS-1811] - RFE: support for “hard links” in FUSE
  • [EOS-2505] - RFE: limit number of inodes for FUSEX cache, autoclean
  • [EOS-2518] - EOS WfE should log how long it takes to execute an action
  • [EOS-2542] - Group eossync daemons in


  • [EOS-2114] - trashbin behaviour for new eos fuse implementation
  • [EOS-2423] - EOS_FST_NO_SSS_ENFORCEMENT breaks writes
  • [EOS-2532] - Enable recycle bin feature on FUSEX
  • [EOS-2545] - Report metadata cache statistics through “eos ns” command


  • [EOS-2458] - User quota exceeted and user can write to this directory
  • [EOS-2497] - Repeating eos fusex messages all over


  • [EOS-2381] - File lost during fail-over ATLAS

If you would like to get a more detailed list of changes please do:
git log 4.2.21…4.2.22