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EOS v4.2.19

You can get EOS 4.2.19 release from the following location:



The Jira changelog for this release:


  • [EOS-2440] - eos health is broken
  • [EOS-2457] - EOSPPS: several problems with eos node ls -l
  • [EOS-2466] - ‘eos rm’ on a file without a container triggers an unhandled error
  • [EOS-2475] - accounting: storagecapacity should be sum of storageshares


  • [EOS-1955] - .xsmap file still being created (balancing? recycle bin?), causes “corrupted block checksum”

If you would like to get a more detailed list of changes please do:
git log 4.2.18…4.2.19