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EOS v4.2.18

You can get EOS 4.2.18 release from the following location:



The Jira changelog for this release:


  • [EOS-2249] - Citrine generation of corrupted configuration
  • [EOS-2288] - headroom is not propagated from space to fs
  • [EOS-2334] - Failed “proto:” workflow notifications do not end up in either the …/e/… or …/f/… workflow queues
    [EOS-2360] - FST aborts with “pure virtual method called”, “terminate called without an active exception” on XrdXrootdProtocol::fsError
  • [EOS-2413] - Crash while handling a protobuf reply
  • [EOS-2419] - Segfault around TableFormatter (when printing FSes)
  • [EOS-2424] - proper automatic lock cleanups
  • [EOS-2428] - draining jobs create .xsmap files on the source and destination FSTs
  • [EOS-2429] - FuseServer does not grant SA_OK permission if ACL only allows to be a writer
  • [EOS-2432] - eosapmond init script for CC7 sources /etc/sysconfig/eos
  • [EOS-2433] - Wrong traffic accounting for TPC/RAIN/Replication
  • [EOS-2436] - FUSEX: permission problem in listing shared folder
  • [EOS-2438] - FUSEX: chmod +x does not work
  • [EOS-2439] - FUSEX: possible issue with sys.auth=*
  • [EOS-2442] - TPC of 0-size file fails


  • [EOS-2423] - EOS_FST_NO_SSS_ENFORCEMENT breaks writes
  • [EOS-2430] - fusex cache should not use /var/eos
  • DOC: Extensive improvements to the documentation


  • [EOS-2431] - fusex cache cleanup

If you would like to get a more detailed list of changes please do:
git log 4.2.17…4.2.18