Eos quarkdb setup

I’m setup eos with quarkdb support. Then I inclided in file /etc/xrd.cf.mgm the string:

mgmofs.nslib /usr/lib64/libEosNsQuardb.so

I got error:

Failed to load “/usr/lib64/libEosNsQuardb.so”: /usr/lib64/libEosNsQuardb.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Which rpm’s can contain this library?

Upd: Default config has mistake: libEosNsQuardb.so instead libEosNsQuarkdb


You have a typo in the script, you’re missing a “k”, it should be:

mgmofs.nslib /usr/lib64/libEosNsQuarkdb.so


Thank you!

Late to this thread, but I’m betting this was cut and paste from the GIT hub source where there is a typo:

Line 93:

#mgmofs.nslib /usr/lib64/libEosNsQuardb.so

Probably want to fix that.

Dan Szkola

Hi, thanks for the tip! I fixed the typo.