EOS node sync issue

My EOS node stopped synching after block - 269183453, my node software is in 2.1.
Please help me , in resolving the issue.
getting errors like - maybe_switch_forks ] exception thrown while switching forks 3270002 protocol_feature_bad_block_exception: Protocol feature exception (invalid block)
protocol feature with digest ‘bcd2a26394b36614fd4894241d3c451ab0f6fd110958c3423073621a70826e99’ is unrecognized

info 2022-12-14T06:26:49.117 net-1 net_plugin.cpp:1771 start_sync ] Catching up with chain, our last req is 269183518, theirs is 283639718 peer - 6149aab
info 2022-12-14T06:26:53.928 net-1 net_plugin.cpp:1638 request_next_chunk ] ignoring request, head is 269183453 last req = 269183552 source is - 19a3176

Help me in resolving the issue.

Hello, I think you are in the wrong forum. Maybe you were looking for eos.io