EOS FST resilience :: reboot procedure?

Hi! Is there a need for a procedure to reboot a fst? can i just reboot it? (the storage mode is plain, 1 fs per group).

Hello Adrian,
I would simply do:
systemctl restart eos@fst
but maybe wait for confirmation

Hello Adrian,

Stopping a FST daemon will stop any active transfer to it, which might disturb the clients if any activity is on going. To avoid this, a best practice to restart the FST daemon (e.g. to reboot the server like you want to do) is to first disable the FST on the MGM side with command eos node set hostname configstatus=off, then wait for any transfer to finish, or for a few minutes before stopping the daemon.

If you do not bother about having such disconnections, or you are sure that there is no activity, then you can ignore this fact, and reboot safely the FST.

That said, if you have a plain storage, with one fs per group, then you will have anyway all files hosted by this FS offline (i.e. unavailable) until the daemon is back.

thanks a lot for info!!