Eos file info fxid -> returns: File: 'fxid:176363b8'

Can someone explain what is happening here?

I have some fxids listed in the unreg_n part of the fsck report and I get this when I look it up:

# eos file info fxid:176363b8
  File: 'fxid:176363b8'  Flags: 0755  Clock: 1604828ec3aa0139
  Size: 38533599
Modify: Tue Nov  7 07:39:02 2017 Timestamp: 1510061942.354038000
Change: Tue Nov  7 07:39:00 2017 Timestamp: 1510061940.716044140
Birth : Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969 Timestamp: 0.0
  CUid: 52566 CGid: 5063  Fxid: 176363b8 Fid: 392389560    Pid: 12373632   Pxid: 00bcce80
XStype: adler    XS: 7b c9 62 ec    ETAGs: "105331270468239360:7bc962ec"
Layout: replica Stripes: 2 Blocksize: 4k LayoutId: 00100112
  #Rep: 2
│no.│ fs-id│                    host│      schedgroup│            path│      boot│  configstatus│       drain│  active│                  geotag│
 0      180        cmseos57.fnal.gov        default.2   /storage/data1     booted             rw      nodrain   online             fcc::2::1570 
 1       58        cmseos16.fnal.gov        default.2   /storage/data3     booted             rw      nodrain   online             fcc::3::1070 

(undeleted) $ 180
(undeleted) $ 58
error: cannot retrieve file meta data - Error while fetching ContainerMD #12373632 protobuf from QDB: Empty response (errc=0) (Success)

Dan Szkola

Hi Daniel,

This is a file in process of being deleted - note that the file is not attached anymore to any parent container. This is normal an is an intermediary step before completely deleting the file metadata entry - what is waiting for now is deletion of the replicas from the files systems.

What is indeed strange is that it has the same list of file system in both the list of locations and unlinked locations… This is clearly some inconsistency in the file metadata object that comes from some bug in the past. To get rid of these files you can use the “file drop” command to get rid of the individual replicas for each file system