Eos cp: maximum size of a tranferred file

Hi there,

I tried to upload quite large files (~20 G) via eos cp, and was rejected with

error: target file open failed - errno=22 : Invalid argument

Other files which were much smaller had been copied without issues, so I played with various sizes and found that eos cp stops transferring files with >= 11811160064 bytes (= 11 * 2^30 i.e. exactly 11 GiB).

At the same time, rsync copying over EOS mounted with FUSE is able to transfer files of arbitrary length.

So I’m wondering where could I find (and change) a server (or eos client?)'s parameter controlling this eos cp’s restriction?


Apparently 11GB is the default for attr sys.forced.maxsize.
This can be set on the server side for directories tree to arbitrary value.

Valeri, got it, thank you!