Discrepancy in space utilization output of "eos space ls" and ALICE monitoring's "Storages Status" for ALICE::Kolkata::EOS2

Dear EOS Team,

EOS2::Kolkata is still working in eos-citrine (Version- EOS 4.8.105) with CentOS7 and it’s disk space show Full (1.11TB used out of 1.27TB) in “eos space ls”.

[root@eos-mgm ~]# eos space ls
│type │ name│ groupsize│ groupmod│ N(fs)│ N(fs-rw)│ sum(usedbytes)│ sum(capacity)│ capacity(rw)│ nom.capacity│sched.capacity│ quota│ balancing│ threshold│ converter│ ntx│ active│ wfe│ ntx│ active│ intergroup│
spaceview default 8 24 128 128 1.11 PB 1.27 PB 1.26 PB 0 B 155.06 TB off on 1 on 80 0 off 1 0 on

[root@eos-mgm ~]#

But as per ALICE monitoring site i.e. http://alimonitor.cern.ch/siteinfo/?site=Kolkata, it’s say 50.35% space has use till the date.

Above storage status says that 571.4TB spaces free and 579.6TB are used till date.
It’s clearly show that there are huge discrepancy in output of “eos space ls” and ALICE monitoring’s “Storages Status”.

How I improve such discrepancy?

Dear Prasun,

That is indeed the information that we also see from outside. Please see the report here:

“Catalogue statistics” is what pointers we have to your files, “Storage-provided information” is what you also see in EOS (by space ls). And indeed, the two sets of columns disagree quite a lot.

That’s not an issue in EOS but of consistency between our systems. The dark data can be non-EOS files on disk (logs / other uses of the machines / …) or files that we left behind, for example if rm didn’t work at some point.

We can take this offline and discuss between us what procedure to apply to reconcile the two namespaces.