Changing geotag for a FST


One quick question about geotag : does it have some negative impact to restart a FST with a different getoag than before ?

We need to migrate soon our FSTs to a new network (they will also change IP), so we want to use a different geotag. These FSTs are full of million of files.

I understand that changing the EOS_GEOTAG variable before restarting the FST service is enough, and it will not trigger some recomputation of all files stored on the nodes, right ?

If you have any suggestion about that, thank you.

Our instance is running v 4.5.15/17

@esindril if you pass by, can you please tell see if this geotag changing presents any risk ?

We already successfully move one almost empty (< 100K files) node without issue, but we would like to be sure if it will be the same for full nodes (> 20M files).We would like to move some nodes today, and better prevent any problem, since we already got issues recently.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Franck,

Sorry for the late reply. Changing the geotag will not trigger any recomputation. The only thing what will modify is the way the scheduler will use this information for placement/retrieval of files. Doing such a modification is safe.


OK, thank you for confirming this !