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Cernbox/eos :: files with # are automatically deleted

Hi! I am not sure if this is a problem of EOS or some other frontend problem.
With the CERNBOX webdav mounted, any file with # in name, automatically disappear from the directory.
I would suspect that this is a EOS bug, but first i would like to hear some thought about this strange thing :slight_smile:

Could you please tell us some details, preferably showing the commands you run: how you mount webdav, on which client OS and how you create the file.

Do you go via cernbox gateway or directly to EOS?

so i do this in fstab : /home.hdd/adrian/webdav-CERNBOX/ davfs _netdev,user,rw,async,noauto,file_mode=600,dir_mode=700 0 0

the file is not created within directory, is copied INTO directory; after is copied at first refresh is not longer there.
example filename: %alice%data%2018%LHC18m%000291397%pass1_withTRDtracking%AOD208%0884%stdout.meta4

The OS is fedora 30
Thanks a lot!

Thank you. Someone from our team will be looking into this. Please allow some days.

sure! let me know how i can help with debugging this

any news on this? it seems the problem is with .meta4 extension, as any meta4 file copied/uploaded to cernbox (either through webdav or webpage) will disappear