Build requests for alicetokenacc and eos-apmon

Dear Developers,

Happy New Year!

Currently I am trying to deploy EOS with testing tag (5.2.4) on CentOS 9 streams but could not find any relevant builds for those packages in diopside-depend repository. I was just wondering whether you would continue to build and release alicetokenacc and eos-apmon for el-9.


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I have just recognized the existence of mlsensor which can replace apmon. Sorry for my ignorance.

Dear Expert,

After some testing with alicetokenacc provided by Adrian (link) built for xrootd @ EL9, the library does not work properly against EOS. Would it be possible to build alicetokenacc package against EL9?

Also, would it be possible to provide eos-nginx again for EL9?

By the way, mlsensor provided by WLCG repository for EL9 works fine, that can replace eosapmond.

Thank you for your help and support as always.

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Hi Sang-Un,

Could you please try the following packages from our diposide dependency repository?

What error did you actually encounter with the packages provided by Adrian?


Hi @esindril ! It was me that instructed Sung-Un to ask here for the building of alicetokenacc for EL9 by EOS :slight_smile: I’m only building it for plain XRootD usage, for the EOS it would be safer to have it build with the eos-xrootd and within EOS infrastructure

Hi Adrian,

No problem, I was more curious what was the issue. Anyhow, I just added the rpms yesterday to our diopside dependency repo so if there are any issues please let me know.


Hi Adrian and Elvin,

Thanks a lot for the support. To give you more clear information, actually we do not get any specific errors nothing but “operation not permitted” when we tried to write a testfile on the instance with alicetokenacc (given by Adrian). Precisely, for testing, we used alicetokenacc.noauthzhost option against one of client and it was not working as expected, which is fine for old setup (CentOS 7 and EOS 5.2.6).

Anyway, thank you very much for providing the builds and I will keep you posted after testing.

Best regards,