Alma Linux and EOS

Dear EOS team,

we are now investigating in the replacement of CentOS 7 for server installations with EOS, both for EOS system itself as well as for servers or VMs mounting EOS with the FUSEX client.

Up to now Alma Linux 8 seems to be the recommended Linux distribution and version. So we will focus for the time being on Alma Linux although its future is not fully clear. Can Alma 9 already be regarded as a well tested and recommendable version for EOS, for both service and client side? Or should we still better stick to version 8?

Thanks in advance for feedback

Hi Armin,

At CERN we are planning to move to Alma 9 in the following months. There are already some machines in production that are being installed with Alma 9 and the plan is to skip completely Alma 8.


Hi Elvin,

thanks a lot for the fast reply! That helps us in the decision how to best move forward.