Acl.sys ver user.acl and tmp acl

Dear all
I have a basic question
which is the difference between sys.acl and user.acl attribures ?

could we have a simple way to define /tmp like acl on a eos directory for a unix group of users ?

thank you in advance

Hi Emmanouil,
by default only sys.acl are taken into consideration. If you want to have users specifying ACLs you have to enable user.acl setting this attribute on the tree where you want it to be allowed: sys.eval.useracl=1

Indeed, we don’t have the vertex bit a la /tmp/ … it is simple to add, I have it in a branch, I can merge that if you are interested.

Let me know,

Hello Andreas

thank you for the clarification
yes it will be very helpfull to have the vertex bit a la /tmp/ in a future rel of
eos. we have some workflow where plain user access rwx is needed it
plus some protection between the users.