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[ACL] Permission for listing a folder but not read the file content


We want on some folder to give to a user the permission to list a folder but not read the content of the files in them. The permission doc page says:

But with our test in Citrine, setting the x ACL right to the user doesn’t allow him to list the folder. While giving the r rights makes him list it, but also read the files. So maybe this case is in fact not feasible ?

Hi Franck,

This functionality works as described only from the eos console interface. I assume the issue you are experiencing comes from the fuse mount. Fuse requests both “rx” when listing and that’s why even if you set the proper acl this will fail. Therefore, this is not supported at the moment.


OK, thank you for this answer.
You are assuming right, this is tested on a fuse mount, so this explain the difference.