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Accessing EOS/XrootD via Microsoft Windows

I’m exploring EOS for use at Reykjavik University in Iceland. One question that has come up is how MS Windows users will access data. I have seen some mention of SAMBA gateways, WebDAV, and via CERNBox. What are the recommended ways of giving these users access and how might I test them out?


We have a portable package called ScienceBox which lets you easily install CERNBox on top of EOS (and Jupyter Notebook service with SWAN).

This package is currently under re-development (we expect to have the new version around summer this year) but you may want to use the existing version to have a look as a quick demo:

Then depending on your use-case, if you also want to provide H: drive access to Windows boxes, you’d need to clone our SAMBA service (which is not yet part of ScienceBox).

Hi Jakub.
Thanks for that information. Can CERNbox/ScienceBox synchronize to a folder in Windows?

Is there information on the SAMBA service? Windows access is of large interest to some key stakeholders.
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Yes, many people at CERN are synchronizing to Windows devices using a personal sync-client application installed in their laptops (like Dropbox).

On-line access with SAMBA allows to present a remote H: drive. More info on the SAMBA service [1]

There is also a native Windows client in alpha, a very recent development [2]. We have no experience with it yet, we plan to test it later this year.

[1] CS3 2021- Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing (25-28 January 2021): Samba and CERNBox: experience in providing HA online access to Windows-based users · Indico
[2] CS3 2021- Cloud Storage Synchronization and Sharing (25-28 January 2021): EOS-wnc: EOS Client for Windows · Indico

The ScienceBox looks like a great option for me to play around. Do you have any hints to what would need adjustment to work with Centos8? Perhaps it might just be easier for me to reinstall the machine with Centos 7?