Access denied (destination) using xrdcp at XCache


We have deployed a new cache service using xrootd (XCache) in our site. Trying to force the apparition of new .root (and associated .cinfo) files through xrdcp command to test our service monitoring.

If we perform the regular computation of the command using the absolute path (including our redirector)

[root@xcachecms01 ~]# nohup xrdcp root:// root:// > nohup2.out &
[1] 25915
[1]+ Exit 54 nohup xrdcp root:// root:// > nohup2.out
[root@xcachecms01 ~]# cat nohup2.out
Run: [ERROR] Server responded with an error: [3010] Access denied: /store (destination)

If we just use xrdcp to copy specifying the local actual directory (~/store/ without the redirector) works perfectly and the access is not denied. Which is the actual permission we need in order to perform the command including the absolute path accessing through 1094?