Sites running Citrine in production

We know CERN is now running all but one of their EOS instances on Citrine. My question to the larger community is how many of you are running Citrine in an environment you would consider to be production?

We are discussing when we should make the move to Citrine (we actually run Citrine clients and FUSE on a number of nodes) and we were curious if anyone had already made the move. If you have, what version are you currently using and how long have you been running Citrine?

If you have or had any issues after moving, I’m sure others would be interested in hearing about this as well.

Dan Szkola

@JRC we run our instance on Citrine in production.

We upgraded last month from Aquamarine.

Hi Dan,

You can find the details of our upgrade on this thread : Upgrade procedure from Aquamarine to Citrine

We currently run version 4.2.20 on all nodes (MGM and FST), and it is better than previous versions.