MQ monitoring/status

Hi All,

Is there a way I can get the used and total sizes of our message queues? either via eos console or cli or other ways?

We are currently running 4.2.29



Hi Michael,
not sure if this is what you are looking for… any help?

[~bash]$ cat /var/log/eos/mq/proc/stats
mq.received 451551840
mq.delivered 1305697383
mq.fanout 830728767
mq.advisory 379178864
mq.undeliverable 0
mq.droppedmonitoring 1422 199224210
mq.queued 284
mq.nqueues 133
mq.backloghits 0
mq.in_rate 170.846238
mq.out_rate 510.440603
mq.fan_rate 328.704166
mq.advisory_rate 157.058647
mq.undeliverable_rate 0.000000
mq.droppedmonitoring_rate 0.000000
mq.total_rate 85.922670

Thanks Luca,

Our mq/proc directories are empty. Do i need to enable the stats somehow?